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Help Restoring Your Gun Rights

Those who are convicted of a felony lose their right to ship, transport, possess or receive a firearm. Even after serving your time, you may still find yourself without one of the most basic rights our Constitution affords you.

The Requirements For Restoration Of Firearms Rights

In order to be eligible to go through this process, potential applicants must meet these requirements:

  • Must have been discharged from their felony sentence at least five years ago
  • Must not have submitted an application within the previous 12 months
  • Must not be currently in jail or under supervision for a misdemeanor or felony

Depending on your particular situation, more requirements may apply.

Applying For Gun Rights Restoration

Before submitting your application, you must ensure that you have all the documentation you need, including the following:

  • The completed application
  • The grounds for asking for restoration of firearms rights
  • Official copies of pertinent court documents related to the felony crimes detailed in the application
  • Verification that all financial debts related to the offenses have been paid in full

It is crucial to complete the application correctly and include all the necessary supporting documentation in order for the application to be processed.

The Restoration Of Firearms Rights Process

After submitting your application, the Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole will conduct an investigation. This investigation includes, but is not limited to, the following things:

  • A criminal record check
  • An employment history check
  • Your status as a good citizen
  • Any other accomplishments that demonstrate good moral character

The investigation may require that you give an in-person or telephone interview.

After the Commission completes its investigation, it will schedule a hearing during which it will deliver a decision regarding your request.

How My Firm Makes A Difference

While the gun rights restoration process may seem straightforward, it can be difficult to navigate without legal help. My firm can ensure your eligibility, help you prepare a strong application, guide you through the investigation and support you at your hearing. With an experienced lawyer’s help, you have a greater chance of success in getting your rights back.

To begin this process, call 509-283-1451 or complete an intake form online. Your consultation is free.